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A Refereed Science Journal Issued by the College of Science University of Baghdad Baghdad-Iraq.

 مجلة علمية محكمة تصدرها كلية العلوم- جامعة بغداد،  بغداد- جمهورية العراق

 EISSN: 2312-1637        ISSN: 0067-2904

  • The Iraqi Journal of Science is a quarterly specified scientific journal issued by the Faculty of Science at the University of Baghdad. The members of the Editorial Board representing the Departments of Eight Scientific departments, college of science/ Baghdad University and its related units of research, all are professors, scientists with extensive experience and considerable skills in their field of science, as well as an advisory board in support composed of professors and scientists with great reputation in their field of science from other Colleges, universities, or research institutes.  More >> 


  • المجلة العراقية للعلوم هي مجلة فصلية علمية محكمة تصدرها كلية العلوم في جامعة بغداد، تهدف إلى نشر البحوث العلمية الرصينة في مجالات العلوم التطبيقية والصرفة. التخصصات التي تتضمنها هذه المجلة تشمل الفروع العلمية التالية: علوم الفيزياء التطبيقية والصرفة، علوم الرياضيات، علوم الحاسبات بمعظم فروعها، علوم الكيمياء  بمعظم  تخصصاتها، علوم الحياة والتقانات الإحيائية وأبحاث المناطق الحارة، علوم الأرض والجيو فيزياء والتحسس عن بعد، وعلوم الفلك والفضاء. المزيد...




About The College of Scienc

The College of Science was established on 27/3/1949, as a part of the College of Arts and science. Its main duties were the care of Liberal Arts and Sciences without constraining its goal of graduating professional specialists in narrow applied sciences. It has contributed to the emergence of the first seed of the scientific university education in Iraq and the day of foundation became deservedly (The Science Day) of the country.

Since its foundation the college has included five scientific departments (Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Zoology, and botany) . The later two departments were combined later on to form the department of Biological Sciences. More >>

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